Sleeping Beauty and the Princess Diaries 

Last night, I had trouble falling asleep. The air was thick and moist and I had a lot on my mind! 

I finally started dozing when someone in the neighborhood shot off a bunch of firecrackers around 1 in the morning. I woke up with my heart pounding and clutched Princess to my chest. I finally calmed down and was able to fall asleep around 2am with her little brown body pressed against me and her gentle purring. 

My alarm first went off at 6am. It’s a song that I used to like but now find annoying. I hit the snooze and laid back down. Princess curled up against my stomach and we went back to sleep. 

I woke up with Princess licking me furiously and crying “MEOW MEOW MEOWWW”. I laid her back down and snuggled her. She kept licking my face and eyes. I finally had enough so I grabbed an extra pillow and buried my head under it. She started digging into the pillow so that her head was under and BIT MY HAND. She was howling by now. “YEOOOOWWWWWW”
I jerked awake.
It was 8am! 
Princess started to jump around and yelled at me. “MOM MOM MOM MOMOOMMMM”

I leaped out of bed and started to run around. Princess chased me around the house and I got ready in 15 minutes. 
After she ate some breakfast, I picked up her and hugged her. She purred but after I put her down she continued to follow me around yowling. “YEOooWWWWWWW”

“BYE PRINCESS LOVE YOU” as I quick grabbed my stuff and shut the door. 

She stood on the stairs looking at me with her green eyes.


Yeah, I know she woke me up because she was hungry. However, I like to think she knew I had to get up…



The First Four Years.

I’ve had this blog for 4 years.

4 years ago I needed some help. I needed help to work through things and to channel some of my worries and fears.

June 2011 I experience a painful breakup. I was heartbroken, lost, and depressed. I was heading into my sophomore year of college and I was worried. I was worried about what life would be after I graduated, I worried if I making the best decision by being an English major (F YES), I worried about paying for school.

I also worried because I had struggled with depression on and off the past few years. I was concerned if I didn’t meet my goals or feel like I was doing the right thing I could slip into a dark hole. At that point I honestly wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get myself out of that hole.

My first post is hard for me to read now! I remember tearing up as I hit publish and ran from my computer. Tears from doing something scary and writing it all out on a public blog on the Internet. I felt better when I went back to my computer and saw a positive response from friends on Facebook.

I kept posting.

It helped me.

Through the posts I worked through my sadness, uncomfortable (and awkward) situations, and I shared a piece of myself with the Internets.  Through these last four years I’ve achieved many wonderful things. I graduated from St. Norbert College in December 2013 with a degree in English, found a job, and am going the marry one who infected me with love and happiness.

I achieved everything I was so worried about in that first blog post.

Now I have new challenges! Being a damn adult is hard work. The transition hasn’t always been easy, (I think I’ve only called home crying once or twice..) but I am here.

Now it’s time to start the next chapter!

What am I worried about?

I start to list out my worries in my mind and remember all I’ve achieved since my last list of worries.

I can do anything.

Stay tuned for the next four years.

The Secret to Running is Murder

Seriously! Hear me out..

B and I are training for the Door County Half Marathon on May 2nd. We started training in December and I need to be honest – it’s sucked! I felt like a moron trying to run. I started at 1 mile in December and took me a few weeks to get to 2 miles comfortably. 2 miles… I need to be able to run 13.1!

Also, running long distances can be kind of boring! Even just running a half hour was boring! I’d be tired from work, it’d be dark out, and super cold (like 4 degrees..). No amount of Backstreet Boys and Weeze could really get me going.

Side note: my iPod hasn’t been updated since 2012 and my iPhone is being a butt about getting my music on it. The iPhone has 3 songs. One of them is the second movement from Beethoven’s 2nd Symphony. Not bad but not exactly run run run music.

Ok, back on track. I decided I’d try to listen to a book. I listened to Saving CeCe Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman. Such a good idea! The time just flew by.

A few weeks ago I decided to download a podcast What You Missed in History Class. It was just great! I learned something and ran 4 miles.

Now, back to the murder motivation.

I heard about the podcast Serial and thought it sounded interesting. It’s a true story of a murder committed in 1999. The narrator Sarah Koenig narrates this trial with evidence, interviews, and speculation.  I just get sucked into the story. WHO REALLY DID IT!?

It’s so good! I turn on Serial and just go. I become engrossed in the story and forgot about the fact that my legs are burning.

Last Saturday, B and I ran the Serology 15k Valentine’s Day Run. Yep. 15k = 9.3 miles! I ran 9.3 miles in 1:41 so about a 10 minute 52 second pace. Not bad for a noob. I’ll take it!  13.1 here I come! I can totally do this!

B and I. Looking FIERCE.
B and I. Looking FIERCE.

So, If you want to get into running or need some motivation to during your run I highly recommend murder!




Enjoy the Purring Cat

There is currently a cat sitting in my lap trying to lick my face.

9lbs of love coming at me.

Earlier today, I walked in the door and my cat ran to the door. She’s always so excited when I get home. She runs to the door chirping with happiness and putts her front paws on my legs so I’ll pick her up.

Then I pick her up and she squawks while she licks my face.

While I drop my stuff and head to kitchen, she’s wrapping her legs around me purring.  I can’t resist picking her up again and hugging her.

Shortly, B will appear and we both drop everything (cat included) and run to each other like it’s been forever not just a day or so.

Later while we’re eating dinner, I blabber on about how I’m worried about not having enough money, or how I need to organize my apartment better, my student loan, or I’m going to need a new car soon… blah blah blahhh.

Can someone tell me to shut up?

I have wonderful B, an always purring kitty, a job, and just enough money.

If you want to know what love sounds like – listen to a purring cat.


Nobody Should Make Fun of Any Body.

So, I went to the liquor department at my local grocery store with B.

We made our selections and went to the front. I handed the cashier my ID. He looked at my ID, laughed and mumbled something.

“Excuse me?” I asked.

“125? Seriously?” He answered laughing. I was honestly confused for a second until I realized he was talking about my weight.

“I mean…. 125? *haha* My license says I weigh 220, but come on.” He said.

I didn’t really say anything in reply. I couldn’t think of a response that wasn’t, “F U, doofus.”

I just paid for my crap and took my receipt. As I turned to leave he said, “Haha, I’m just being a jerk.”


First of all, I do weigh 125, you butt. I weighed myself recently and to my dismay had gone from 130 back to 125. I don’t like it and it’s stressing me out. I don’t need some rando at the grocery store pointing that out.

Second of all, I think he was comfortable teasing me because I’m of a thin stature.

Middle school, high school, and even now, I get comments like “What do you weigh, like, 2 pounds?” “You need to eat!” “Someone needs to give you food” and the worst one “Anorexic!”

Because I’m skinny, I wonder if people think that making rude comments like that isn’t mean or hurtful. I don’t think anybody should make fun of any body. It’s just rude.

I can’t really do anything about my skinny body. I guess I could eat Krispy Kreme and Gallagher’s Pizza every single day. But, that ain’t healthy, bro.

I’m gorgeous, dammit. And so are you.


Also, this is me before I ate a lobster in Boston.

Because lobsters are delicious.

Lobsta in Boston

5 Tips for Entering Adulthood

Last Sunday, I walked.



I graduated in December, but the ceremony was this past weekend.

I’ve already been out and about in the real world working at a real job for a few months now. Here are my 5 tips for surviving your initial months into adulthood.

1.) Make eye contact with your student loans.

If you don’t have a loan………………that’s great. If you do, make eye contact with it. Quietly weep at your debt and make a plan. Save your money! The only way you can get out of paying your student loan is if you die! Dramatics aside, a lot of people have a loan. It’s okay. Plus, if you can make a payment during your grace period you’ll save on interest.

2.) Start a hobby.

I started to do yoga (I highly recommend) and knitting. I’ve also been better at eating healthy, fresh food.  After working a long day, don’t just sit and watch Netflix. I did that for a few weeks. It just makes you tired and grumpy.

3.) Look at your accomplishments.

Starting a new job is HARD (or starting any new phase). Take a second and realize what you’ve accomplished! You rock! You’ve entered adulthood and you’re going to do fine!

4.) Spend time with your parents!

Remember those people? Those peeps who have taken care of you your whole life? Who always support you? Who send you treat money for Shamrock shakes “because you deserve it”. Get to know them. You might make new friends 😉


5.) Learn to deal with stress…

Whilst in school, you put that off. You think “I’m a student! Of course I’m stresseddddddd!” Well, learn how to relax now!!!!! School stress is a joke. Real stress is coming up. Learn to let stuff go and feel calm. Yoga, meditate, write it out, whatever you need.


Oh, and congratulations!




Well, I’ll Be Damned.

At my fancy-pants big girl job, there have been a few situations where I’ve been asked to PhotoShop something. Small stuff, really, like editing a photo or graphic. Quick, little things we don’t want to bother our graphic designer with, but stuff that needs to get done.

I remember the first time a co-worker asked me if I had any PhotoShop experience. I said “Sure, personal use.” You know what that personal use was?

Covering up my acne.


What I have, until now, believed was a curse on my life now seems to be sort of a blessing.

I first used Microsoft Paint to just change the hue to make it less noticeable. Then moved on to Microsoft Photo Editor to change color, remove red-eye, and hide the dreaded breakout. Finally, onto PhotoShop to do everything possible to hide it.

Now, I use those very PhotoShop skills at work.

If you had told the 16-year-old acne and angsty me that the time I spent at the computer furiously using PhotoShop to cover up my pizza face would come in handy some day, I probably would have just laughed and went back to slathering my face with foundation.

I’ll be damned.



I’ve been a full-time adult for about 2 months now.

There are perks and downfalls.


1.) 85% of my mail are bills.

2.) I have to pay those bills.

3.) Budgeting is real (and it’s hard!).

4.) I have to pack my lunch every single day.

5.) I have to get up and go to work every single day.

6.) Did I mention bills?


1.) No homework (I come home and live my life).

2.) Having my own apartment is pretty sweet.

3.) I’m an independent person.

4.) Actually having some free-time to pursue new hobbies (yoga, cooking, baking, etc).

5.) I read books for fun.

6.) I like my job.


This is me with what I worked for 3 1/2 years to earn.

My Bachelor’s Degree.



The thing about adulthood is people say “it’s the beginning of the rest of your life”.  I don’t like to think of this stage of my life as the beginning of the end. That sounds morbid.  I have a lot planned for every stage of my life.

I’m just getting started.


The Mayor or StruggleCity

I am the mayor of StruggleCity.


I have ONE MORE paper to write as an English Major and then I am done.

One more.

That’s it.

15 pages stand between me and finishing my bachelor of the arts degree in 3 1/2 years.

3 1/2 years.

7 semesters that I carefully planned out with a semester spent in a different country.

Now, I know that’s not too spectacular. Quite a few people finish a semester early… but the point here is that I’m a motivated person.

Why can’t I get this paper going?

I don’t even have an idea of what I want to do because honestly I don’t want to do it.

15 pages on something about James Joyce’s Ulysses.

I’m supposed to submit an abstract by Tuesday with a thesis.

I’ve read (skimmed)  a few scholarly articles about one of the chapters I’m interested in, but I don’t know what to focus myself on. I wish I could write a creative non fiction piece about my experience reading Ulysses.


Woe to me, need to focus on college for 5 more weeks.

I can definitely do this.



For Once..

Today, I woke up to my phone flashing:


Oops, I realized, I forgot to pay my phone bill. It’s no problem for me, I just go online and top up for the next month.

So, I jumped out of bed and logged onto my mobile site.

I topped up for the next month (unlimited talk, text, and 3g data for $50), restarted my phone, and got ready for the morning. Then, I tried to send a text message and it kept failing.

Anxious, because, of course, I need my phone to survive life, I restarted again. No results.

I called my mobile phone provider to see if customer service could help.

“Hello, thank you for calling Blah blah mobile, how many I help you?”

“Yes, Hello, I have a blah blah plan and I topped up a while ago and it’s not working.”

“I’m sorry to hear that when did you top up?”

“Um… like 5 minutes ago.”


I gave them my information in an awkward silence.


“I see, it says here your accounted was suspended?”

“Yeeaaaahhh…. apparently, (I snicker) you have to pay EVERY month for your phone to work, lol” (I actually said ‘lol’ out loud).

I expected an awkward silence, but the customer service person and I shared a hearty laugh!

For once, I got someone to laugh with me.

Then I said, “I’ll just wait a bit and call back if it doesn’t work.”

“Sounds good,” said the customer service person.


The phone works fine.