Enjoy the Purring Cat

There is currently a cat sitting in my lap trying to lick my face.

9lbs of love coming at me.

Earlier today, I walked in the door and my cat ran to the door. She’s always so excited when I get home. She runs to the door chirping with happiness and putts her front paws on my legs so I’ll pick her up.

Then I pick her up and she squawks while she licks my face.

While I drop my stuff and head to kitchen, she’s wrapping her legs around me purring.  I can’t resist picking her up again and hugging her.

Shortly, B will appear and we both drop everything (cat included) and run to each other like it’s been forever not just a day or so.

Later while we’re eating dinner, I blabber on about how I’m worried about not having enough money, or how I need to organize my apartment better, my student loan, or I’m going to need a new car soon… blah blah blahhh.

Can someone tell me to shut up?

I have wonderful B, an always purring kitty, a job, and just enough money.

If you want to know what love sounds like – listen to a purring cat.



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