Nobody Should Make Fun of Any Body.

So, I went to the liquor department at my local grocery store with B.

We made our selections and went to the front. I handed the cashier my ID. He looked at my ID, laughed and mumbled something.

“Excuse me?” I asked.

“125? Seriously?” He answered laughing. I was honestly confused for a second until I realized he was talking about my weight.

“I mean…. 125? *haha* My license says I weigh 220, but come on.” He said.

I didn’t really say anything in reply. I couldn’t think of a response that wasn’t, “F U, doofus.”

I just paid for my crap and took my receipt. As I turned to leave he said, “Haha, I’m just being a jerk.”


First of all, I do weigh 125, you butt. I weighed myself recently and to my dismay had gone from 130 back to 125. I don’t like it and it’s stressing me out. I don’t need some rando at the grocery store pointing that out.

Second of all, I think he was comfortable teasing me because I’m of a thin stature.

Middle school, high school, and even now, I get comments like “What do you weigh, like, 2 pounds?” “You need to eat!” “Someone needs to give you food” and the worst one “Anorexic!”

Because I’m skinny, I wonder if people think that making rude comments like that isn’t mean or hurtful. I don’t think anybody should make fun of any body. It’s just rude.

I can’t really do anything about my skinny body. I guess I could eat Krispy Kreme and Gallagher’s Pizza every single day. But, that ain’t healthy, bro.

I’m gorgeous, dammit. And so are you.


Also, this is me before I ate a lobster in Boston.

Because lobsters are delicious.

Lobsta in Boston


4 thoughts on “Nobody Should Make Fun of Any Body.

  1. Manuel

    Funny coincidence that I read your post. Maybe you remember me. I am from Germany but we met in Edinburgh. Hope you are fine!

    Concerning your post: At the moment I can not stop being surprised. At first, I could not figure out, why the store guy is laughing until you explained it in your post that he thinks you are too thin.

    But I tell you: You have a totally normal average weight for a woman (125 means 56,7kg right? :D). If anything at all you can be proud of your figure.

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