5 Tips for Entering Adulthood

Last Sunday, I walked.



I graduated in December, but the ceremony was this past weekend.

I’ve already been out and about in the real world working at a real job for a few months now. Here are my 5 tips for surviving your initial months into adulthood.

1.) Make eye contact with your student loans.

If you don’t have a loan………………that’s great. If you do, make eye contact with it. Quietly weep at your debt and make a plan. Save your money! The only way you can get out of paying your student loan is if you die! Dramatics aside, a lot of people have a loan. It’s okay. Plus, if you can make a payment during your grace period you’ll save on interest.

2.) Start a hobby.

I started to do yoga (I highly recommend) and knitting. I’ve also been better at eating healthy, fresh food.  After working a long day, don’t just sit and watch Netflix. I did that for a few weeks. It just makes you tired and grumpy.

3.) Look at your accomplishments.

Starting a new job is HARD (or starting any new phase). Take a second and realize what you’ve accomplished! You rock! You’ve entered adulthood and you’re going to do fine!

4.) Spend time with your parents!

Remember those people? Those peeps who have taken care of you your whole life? Who always support you? Who send you treat money for Shamrock shakes “because you deserve it”. Get to know them. You might make new friends 😉


5.) Learn to deal with stress…

Whilst in school, you put that off. You think “I’m a student! Of course I’m stresseddddddd!” Well, learn how to relax now!!!!! School stress is a joke. Real stress is coming up. Learn to let stuff go and feel calm. Yoga, meditate, write it out, whatever you need.


Oh, and congratulations!





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