Well, I’ll Be Damned.

At my fancy-pants big girl job, there have been a few situations where I’ve been asked to PhotoShop something. Small stuff, really, like editing a photo or graphic. Quick, little things we don’t want to bother our graphic designer with, but stuff that needs to get done.

I remember the first time a co-worker asked me if I had any PhotoShop experience. I said “Sure, personal use.” You know what that personal use was?

Covering up my acne.


What I have, until now, believed was a curse on my life now seems to be sort of a blessing.

I first used Microsoft Paint to just change the hue to make it less noticeable. Then moved on to Microsoft Photo Editor to change color, remove red-eye, and hide the dreaded breakout. Finally, onto PhotoShop to do everything possible to hide it.

Now, I use those very PhotoShop skills at work.

If you had told the 16-year-old acne and angsty me that the time I spent at the computer furiously using PhotoShop to cover up my pizza face would come in handy some day, I probably would have just laughed and went back to slathering my face with foundation.

I’ll be damned.



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