The Mayor or StruggleCity

I am the mayor of StruggleCity.


I have ONE MORE paper to write as an English Major and then I am done.

One more.

That’s it.

15 pages stand between me and finishing my bachelor of the arts degree in 3 1/2 years.

3 1/2 years.

7 semesters that I carefully planned out with a semester spent in a different country.

Now, I know that’s not too spectacular. Quite a few people finish a semester early… but the point here is that I’m a motivated person.

Why can’t I get this paper going?

I don’t even have an idea of what I want to do because honestly I don’t want to do it.

15 pages on something about James Joyce’s Ulysses.

I’m supposed to submit an abstract by Tuesday with a thesis.

I’ve read (skimmed)  a few scholarly articles about one of the chapters I’m interested in, but I don’t know what to focus myself on. I wish I could write a creative non fiction piece about my experience reading Ulysses.


Woe to me, need to focus on college for 5 more weeks.

I can definitely do this.




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