For Once..

Today, I woke up to my phone flashing:


Oops, I realized, I forgot to pay my phone bill. It’s no problem for me, I just go online and top up for the next month.

So, I jumped out of bed and logged onto my mobile site.

I topped up for the next month (unlimited talk, text, and 3g data for $50), restarted my phone, and got ready for the morning. Then, I tried to send a text message and it kept failing.

Anxious, because, of course, I need my phone to survive life, I restarted again. No results.

I called my mobile phone provider to see if customer service could help.

“Hello, thank you for calling Blah blah mobile, how many I help you?”

“Yes, Hello, I have a blah blah plan and I topped up a while ago and it’s not working.”

“I’m sorry to hear that when did you top up?”

“Um… like 5 minutes ago.”


I gave them my information in an awkward silence.


“I see, it says here your accounted was suspended?”

“Yeeaaaahhh…. apparently, (I snicker) you have to pay EVERY month for your phone to work, lol” (I actually said ‘lol’ out loud).

I expected an awkward silence, but the customer service person and I shared a hearty laugh!

For once, I got someone to laugh with me.

Then I said, “I’ll just wait a bit and call back if it doesn’t work.”

“Sounds good,” said the customer service person.


The phone works fine.



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